Internet Benefits For People In General And The Positive Impact of Negative Internet

Whether or not impacts of the Internet depends on how the way people use it. Internet is like a giant library where all information can be hambpir get. This Sekarng people familiar with the internet name. Especially since the development of cellular technology in Indonesia, where nearly all of HP’s existing facilities to surf the internet cyberspace. How we can benefit from the internet and what are the positive and negative impacts of Internet technology?

Internet Benefits For Students Students and Academia

Internet as an online library has benefited in education. Make the world among students and student education, especially for students can provide many benefits if the use of internet in use for the right thing and positive thing. The internet in modern times is in need, where Internet users can find almost all the latest news and information from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Internet In General: In general a lot of benefit to be gained by the community if they have access to the internet. Anything that can be obtained from the internet?
* Information online for health information includes your personal life, recreation, hobby, personal development, spiritual, social.
* Information online for professional life / work includes infrmasi science, information technology, trade, stocks, commodities, business news, professional associations, business associations, various communication forums.

Enarik enough of Internet usage is part of the world can connect from anywhere, so distance is not an issue. Internet usage will not recognize national boundaries, race, economic class, ideology, or other factors which normally inhibits the exchange of thoughts. The Internet is a world community that is very democratic and have a code of ethics that all members are respected. Internet primarily benefits obtained through the cooperation between individuals or groups without knowing the limits of distance and time. To further improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia, Indonesia’s time professionals network utilizing the Internet and become part of the world information society. C.



a service on the internet that serves to display a site / website to find the information.

The program used for browsing / surfing the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator.

To make browsing the website address should be typed in the address. For example:, http://www.rotten. com,,,,,

2. EMAIL (Electronic Mail)

a service for sending electronic mail. To send email you must have an email (mailbox). To create a mailbox through certain websites that provide such services.,,,, etc..


often referred to as mailing lists, the internet service as a developer of an email is enabled for discussion. Through our mailing list to submit an announcement such as speech contest, Olympic math, science, interesting articles, etc..

Any emails sent will be delivered to all SHG members to get information.

To get the mailing services we can utilize the facilities provided by


is a facility that’s used to make conversation or a conversation over the Internet using text or often called chats.

5. Newsgroups

Internet is the application which is used to communicate between one another with which to discuss a topic in a forum. The groups will be the means of remote electronic meetings. Example: a discussion of Indonesia alt.culture.indonesia, soc.culture.indonesia; on the internet alt.internet; about the tv series:,, about pastime: alt.filateli.rec. collection.stamps


rim is the facility to send a file that is included via email. File sent to a text file (word), images, animations, music, etc..

7. Teleconference

Internet facility is also used to talk with the complex ways ranging from sound to images, allows for as if we can directly deal with the speaker. This facility is a development of the chat. Computers are used to teleconfe-Lawrence should be equipped with a web camera, sound card, tv tuner, VoIP.

This facility is perfect for meetings or remote meetings because they can view and hear each other directly.

8. Internet Telephony

the facility to communicate with voice over the internet using the phone. Toll paid the same as the pulse of the Internet even if done in long distance or SLI. Software used for telephony is Net2Phone, buddytalk, media ring talk etc..


Internet can also be used to send a facsimile which is generally done through a facsimile machine. Fee charged is equal to the cost of a local or internet. This facility greatly simplify the corporate secretary to send the fax in large numbers.



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