My experience during the semester break so much fun yesterday. Although I did not go home and not go on vacation to a tourist, I really enjoyed my vacation time. Vacation time is almost one month I was content with choir practice on campus, my first thought would be very boring if the only vacation home. Due to the existence of race in university Indonesia choir, chorus of voices from campus to register for the race. Participants is at the limit, only 25 people selected from the many members of the choir. I was elected as one of the participants who brought the name of the choir of the campus.
The chorus is where I developed my singing talent. I choir are taught how to sing well, vocal techniques are good and I can learn different types of songs. That is why I am very enthusiastic about joining in the chorus. Another reason for DarmaGita Voice Choir at the campus Gunadarma already famous among other choir in Indonesia. During the holidays are almost a month that I practiced with my friends the other day to prepare for the race. Not only learn the score, scores of songs, I also learned choreography. Many difficulties and challenges I faced during the exercise. Ranging from folk songs that I rarely hear, the song Kharisma Indonesia with many levels of difficulty, learning the local dance at all I never learned to dance.
But during the first month I was keen to come up exercises and practice choreography, no day without singing. That’s all I do be happy because I really love this area. I choir also had many friends, especially my love to organize and associate. 1 month and already my friends struggling to prepare for the race, and days in waiting until it was too. Me and my friends at university Indonesia following the race early March. There were 12 participants from college campuses and a different chorus. At that time I was shaking because it’s the first time I attended a choral contest for the general category. I heart the no-dik-duk saw the appearance of the other participants that are not less good.
Finally our turn came to appear, before the first show I pray that in the given smoothness. At the time appeared to me and my friends tried to show the best. Time that is given 15 minutes was passed already, we have done featuring the songs that we had prepared for 1 month. After the show I prayed again to obtain satisfactory results. After several hours the committee also announced the results of events are, thank god DarmaGita Voice Choir have won one of the many other choirs. We are very excited to hear this announcement, it was my sacrifice and effort and my friends are not in vain. Although I’ve got a winner does not easily satisfied, because there are many things that I have a lot to learn for the future. After the race I was still practicing in the choir for performances that Swara Darmagita be held next April. That was my experience during semester breaks.



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